Trailblazing at Any Age

Wednesday, April 29th
@6 pm – 7:30 pm in 32-155

Two local students will be speaking about their experiences as minorities and how they have spoken out via their actions or words. Reception catered by Whole Foods will follow!

Breaking Barriers and Speaking About Silenced Narratives
” How can we create change from within communities while continuing to allow pluralism within those spaces? Do these communities than change into a “new” community? From the case study of Muslim communities and learning to deconstruct “taboos” of queerness, mental health issues, and sexual violence, we can begin to understand how to work from within a system to break down barriers that we are faced with.” -Xandra

“Speaking up in class can be daunting. With the worry of saying something wrong in front of your peers, raising one’s hand can be a feat in of itself. Add to this being an African-American, or a woman, or a hijabi, or even all three at once, and speaking out can become an unimaginable challenge. Having had to deal with these issues myself, I would like to share my experiences and efforts to surpass these hurdles in the hopes that those hurdles would be brought down for the next generation.” -Saheela




Xandra Minter is a fourth year undergraduate student at Tufts University double-majoring in Religion and Middle Eastern studies. As a queer Muslim convert and sexual assault survivor, Xandra has worked both within the Muslim community and on a macro level to discuss topics of gender and sexuality that are often held as taboo in Muslim communities. She currently work as a staff writer and regional initiatives leader for Coming of Faith, a company that works to give back narratives to marginalized women. Throughout her undergraduate career, Xandra has written for Huffington Post and been featured on PRI’s “The World”, been a panelist for discussing queerness in religion at several universities, and has been active in her community, committing time to organizations such as Queer Muslims of Boston and Tufts’ Muslim Student Association.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Saheela Ibraheem


Saheela Ibraheem is a senior at Harvard College majoring in Neurobiology and minoring in Computer Science. She is a Nigerian-American Muslim woman who enjoys talking about issues of race, religion, and gender. Saheela also loves teaching and mentoring, learning languages, and doing logic puzzles.


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